The Talented Mr. Ripley Irony

The Talented Mr. Ripley Irony

The stalker buying the drinks

In the first chapter, Tom realizes he is followed by someone so he gets scared and decides to hide in a bar. When the man comes to Tom and introduces himself as being Herbert, Tom not only agrees to talk with him, but also lets him buy him a drink and then accepts a job from him. This is ironic considering how scared and suspicious Tom acted in the beginning and how quickly he changed his opinion.

Traveling by sea

When Tom is told he must go to Europe, he knows he must prepare for a long voyage on the sea. The fact that Tom has to travel by boat is ironic because it is revealed that Tom was scared of any large body of water since both his parents drowned in the harbor. Despite his fear, Tom must continue with the journey and must travel over the sea he was so afraid of.

Tell me more

When Tom first interacted with Dickie, it was clear the latter was not happy to hear his father wanted him back. Because of this, Tom decided not to talk about Herbert anymore and leave a window of a few days to let Dickie calm down. When Tom meets with Dickie once more, he tried to bond with him but was unable to. Ironically, what made Dickie want to spend more time with Tom was the story about his father and how he wanted Dickie back home, the exact story Tom wanted to avoid talking about.

Bad painter

In the 9th chapter, Dickie takes Tom to his home and shows him the paintings he has made. Tom looks at the paintings and notes ironically, that the paintings were horrible. Looking at the paintings, Tom has a hard time understanding why Dickie wanted to leave his parents and why he would risk a comfortable life in America for something he was not good at.

Killing the mission

The reason why Tom was sent to Europe is because Dickie’s parents wanted him back home because Dickie’s mother was sick. Ironically, Tom killed the man he was sent to bring back home. After that, he tried to impersonate the man in order to gain from Dickie’s wealth and to continue profiting from Dickie’s parents ‘money.

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