The Story of Tom Brennan Background

The Story of Tom Brennan Background

The Story of Tom Brennan is a fictional young adult novel. The book was written by the Australian author J.C. Burke. The main character of the novel is, of course, Tom Brennan, who is seventeen years old when the novel opens. However, his brother is sent to jail, and he has to deal with the loss of a brother in the household. This proves to be hard for him, and he struggles to retain his vitality at school and other public places.

Born in 1965, J.C. Burke is an Australian author. Burke studied at Sydney University, and currently lives in the Australian city of Sydney. Her first book was published in 2003, and titled White Lies. This book became a CBCA notable book the same year, as well as The Red Cardigan in 2004. Several of her other publications include Pig Boy, Pretty Girl, and, her most recent, The Things We Promise.

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