The Storm Summary

The Storm Summary

In the first part of the story, Bibi, a young boy, and his father, Binot, are stuck at Friedheimer’s store and are waiting for a storm to pass. Bibi is worried about his mother, Calixta, who is at home alone.

In the second part of the story, the reader is introduced to Calixta, Binot’s wife and Bibi’s mother. She is busy with housework, but she eventually notices the approaching storm. She hurries to shut the windows and do other preparations necessary for a safe waiting out of a storm. Meanwhile, Alce Labarille, an old acquaintance of Calixta's, stops by as is in a need of shelter due to the storm. Calixta welcomes him. She is quite worried about her son and husband, who did not arrive home yet. Soon enough, Alce, seized by desire for Calixta, starts kissing her. Later they make love, which take Calixta’s mind of her worries. When the storm passes Alce leaves.

In part three, Bibi and Binot arrive home. Calixta welcomes them and appears to be happy to see them.

In part four, Alce decides to write a letter to his wife. He says he misses her and that he would be glad if she came home soon, however, is she wanted to stay at the bay a bit longer, he would be quite alright with that.

In the last part, Clarissa, Alce’s wife, receives the letter from her husband. She feels rather relieved that Alce does not mind if she stays a bit longer, because this is her first alone time ever since she got married and she is in no rush to come back to her marital duties, even though she loves her husband.

After the storm passes, everybody is happy.

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