The Storm Characters

The Storm Character List


A housewife, wife of Bobint, and mother of Bibi. She is home alone waiting for her husband and son to return when the storm comes. Meanwhile she experiences a passionate moment with M’sieur Laballiere.

Alce Laballiere

Alce is is passing by Calixta’s house when the storm approaches and he asks whether he can wait it out at her place. As Calixta addresses him ‘m'sieur' it is apparent he is of a higher social standing. During the storm he is seized by desire for Calixta and he makes love to her. Afterwards he goes home and writes an affectionate letter to his wife.


Calixta’s husband. He and their son Bibi get stuck at Friedheimer’s store during the storm. After the storm passes and they are on their way home, Bobint is preparing excuses to present his wife with as they are all muddy and in poor state. When they arrive home, he is pleasantly surprised by the good mood Calixta is in.


Son of Bobint and Calixta.


Alce’s wife. During her stay at the bay she receives a letter from her husband telling her to take her time in coming home. She can stay another month if she wants. He misses her (and their child), but he wants her to enjoy herself. She is happy to receive the message because she is enjoying the first alone time since her marriage and is in no hurry to return to her husband.

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