The Stepford Wives Background

The Stepford Wives Background

The Stepford Wives is an internationally famed book written by renowned author, Ira Levin, who is also known for his bestselling book, Rosemary's Baby. The book was published by Random House in September 1972.

The book centers around the experiences of protagonist, Joanna Eberhart, as she moves to a new town, only to suspect that all is not what it seems with her new neighbors. She begins to observe a transition of the women in Stepford, from independent, free-thinking women into perfect dolls who obey their husbands' wishes, and as such begins an investigation to prove that the wives are in reality, robots.

The book has been adapted many times, both as television movies and cinematic movies. The most famous adaptation comes in the form of the 2004 remake, which starred Academy Award winner, Nicole Kidman, in the role of Eberhart, but was slated by the The New York Times, which stated, "the movie never lives up to its satiric potential.'

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