The Shawl Characters

The Shawl Character List


Rosa is a Jewish woman. She is kept in the Holocaust camp and has a daughter. The father of her daughter is one of the Nazi soldiers. In such a camp life is unbearable, it is not easy to stay a good and sensible person, but still Rosa manages not to become cruel. She is hiding her daughter from the Nazis in the barracks wrapped in the shawl. In the end of the story she loses her daughter.


Magda is a 15-month-old daughter of Rosa. She is always silent. But one day her shawl is taken away from her and she goes howling for in into the light in the gate. There she is captured by Nazi soldier.


Stella is a girl of 14 years old. She could not stay as sensitive as Rosa, and became rather cruel. Once she even had a thought of eating Magda. It is she who took Magda’s shawl and thus brought Magda’s death closer. It was inevitable anyway as they had nothing to eat, but Stella is portrayed as heartless and cold insight without any pity for others.

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