The Shadow Lines Background

The Shadow Lines Background

Published in 1988, The Shadow Lines is a novel by award-winning Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh. The novel, second of a three-part series, is written to capture the thoughts and ideas of many different people, constantly switching views and perspectives. For this reason, the book is named The Shadow Lines, as a main idea of the novel is that different people have different views, none of those views capable of being completely comprehended by another. The main character of the novel is a boy named Tridib, who grows up throughout the novel, with major events, like World War II and the Partition of India, happening all the while.

Born in 1956, Amitav Ghosh is an Indian writer, but is best known for the fiction he has published in English. Ghosh's first published novel was The Circle of Reason, the immediate predecessor to this book. Other popular books he has written include The Hungry Tide, published in 2004, and Sea of Poppies, published in 2008. Ghosh still writes to this day.

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