The Secret Zoo Background

The Secret Zoo Background

No one could imagine that frequent visits to the Detroit zoo might be so inspiring and mesmerizing that some time later that frequent visitor would start working on the series of books about the secret world hidden in the zoo. However, it is true and it is all about Bryan Chick. When he was a little boy, one of his favorite pastimes was exploration of the zoological garden. Its numerous sections and hidden ways fascinated the boy. He managed to preserve that childlike excitement over the years.

At the age of 36, in 2007, the author published his first book. It was well-received by the young readers and their parents. The best evidence of it is the fact that one book transformed into a series. The readers have already got acquainted with five stories and now are waiting for a new one. It is worth mentioning that the book was also well-received by critics.

The first story is the finalist of INDIES. Although the story is written for juvenile public, it brings up a lot of important questions for readers of all ages to think about and – probably – this is one of the reasons why this series is so interesting to read.

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