The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013 Film)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013 Film) Imagery

Sean Beckoning

As Walter looks at a photograph of Sean, Sean's image comes alive and beckons Walter towards him. The imagery is a manifestation of Walter's active imagination and signifies that he is ready to go on a journey into the unknown, following in Sean's footsteps.

The Final Cover

At the end of the film, Walter has handed in negative 25 for the final cover of the magazine, but never stopped to look at what it depicted. As he walks with Cheryl, they pass a newsstand and sneak a peek at the cover, which is a picture of Walter himself, looking at negatives outside the Time-Life Building.


In a flight of uncharacteristic adventurousness, Walter decides to fly to Greenland in pursuit of Sean. His triumphant journey is set to Arcade Fire's "Wake Up," a jubilant and uplifting song. As soon as he arrives at his destination in remote Greenland, however, the song cuts out and he is alone in the middle of nowhere. The imagery reveals that his inspiration is not completely redemptive, and that he still has a great deal of his journey ahead of him.

Snow Leopard

When Walter finds Sean, Sean is photographing a snow leopard in the Himalayas, a particularly sneaky and discreet animal. When the animal finally does show itself, it is magnificent, but Sean does not even shoot a picture of it, choosing instead to revel in the present moment.