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Love is a common theme in many novels, as well as plays, in this case. Since it drives the point of the story across so well, it becomes a theme in itself, showing how no one will stop for the great emotion. We see in the play that both Horace and Agnes are prevented from seeing each other, and both are extremely saddened because of what? - Love. Love becomes a driving force in the novel and could go as far as being considered a character, as it is the superior entity that empower both Horace and Agnes to reaching their goals.

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken identity is a very large theme in the book, both because it happens often and the author is trying to get across the point that it is a bad thing to do to assume and be so unobservant that you can not figure out someone goes by two names. Arnolphe, however, ends up taking advantage of his two names (also going by 'Monsieur de la Souche'), and hurts Horace with it. Part of the theme is also that you should not keep secrets like this from anyone, because such mistakes could happen, but Arnolphe is too selfish and uses it to his advantage. Eventually, he prevents Horace from marrying Agnes just because of this simple type of mistake.

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