The School for Wives Background

The School for Wives Background

The School for Wives is a comedic play first performed for the brother of a King in 1662. The play was written by the French playwright Jean-Baptiste Moliere and was considered one of the best plays at the time and one of the best by Moliere, getting him further popularized. The play revolves around the main character Arnolphe, who is in love with the young Agnes that has no parents to take care of her. However, another man, Horace, comes along, and Agnes falls in love with him instead. Using sneaky tricks, Arnolphe tries to steal her back.

Moliere was born on January 15, 1622, and is considered one of the greatest French writers in history. Acting, playwriting, and writing poems, Moliere's best known work is perhaps Don Juan. Living in a world with Catholics, many of his plays were considered sinful and were banned by churches, so they did not receive the popularity they should have. However, The School For Wives was first performed for royalty, and subsequently led to a great success.

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