The Rabbits

The Rabbits Imagery

Stacked Sheep and Dotted Cattle (Visual Imagery)

As the rabbits progress in their colonization of the marsupials' land, they introduce cattle and sheep to the environment for the purposes of factory farming. To underscore the rabbits' inhumane, systematic approach to food production, living cattle are divided with dotted lines into cuts of meat, and sheep bodies are stacked on top of each other.

Waving Flags (Kinesthetic Imagery)

When illustrating the rabbits' cardinal direction flags, Tan uses kinesthetic imagery to show that the flags are in motion. By painting the flags all pointing in the same direction and shading portions of the flags to show contours rippling through their fabric, Tan depicts wind lifting the flags.

Sky Full of Stars (Visual Imagery)

To emphasize how the rabbits are committed to constantly expanding their empire, Tan illustrates the rabbits consulting blueprints and constructing pipelines under a sky full of stars. With this example of visual imagery, the reader understands that the rabbits work around the clock in their drive to colonize more and more of the marsupials' territory.