Biography of John Marsden

John Marsden is an Australian author and educator. Writing primarily for the young-adult fiction market, Marsden has written or edited over forty books and has sales numbers upwards of five million.

Marsden is best known for his Tomorrow series, which comprises seven novels published yearly from 1993 to 1999. The series depicts a foreign power invading and occupying Australia, a premise Marsden revisited in the 1998 picture book The Rabbits.

In 2006, Marsden founded an alternative school called Candlebark School. In 2016, he started an art-focused secondary school in the same area of Macedon Ranges in the central Victoria region.

In 2018, Marsden received the Dromkeen Medal in recognition of his achievements as a children's and young-adult author.

Study Guides on Works by John Marsden

The Rabbits is a 1999 picture book that depicts rabbits invading a country and displacing the indigenous marsupial population. An allegory for the British colonization of Australia, the story shows how the rabbits' and marsupials' initial...

John Marsden is a teacher and novelist born on September 27, 1950 in Victoria, Australia. As a teenager, he was often times alienated and bullied by his classmates, which took its toll by the time he reached college. After graduating from high...