The Picture of Dorian Gray

TDG Preface discussion

Hello VIB,

Let us discuss the preface on TPDG.

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Chapter TWO, here we go!!!

Hello Mr. T


Hello Mr. Tellez

From: Hector


Pablo Uriegas


Discussion activities

Chapters 1 & 2 for next week

1 Discuss in writing: First, look at the picture on

the cover of the book. Have you ever had your portrait

done? Have you ever painted someone else’s portrait?

What can you tell about a person by looking at their

face? What kind of person do you think this man is?

Do you think you would like him? Say why or why not.

2 Team work: Read the title of Chapter 1 ‘An Extraordinarily

Beautiful Young Man’. List specific qualities

that make someone appear beautiful. When they have

finished, have some of the pairs read their lists to the

class. See if other students agree, or have different

qualities on their lists.

After reading

3 Pair work: In pairs, take turns

saying: How Basil feels about Dorian; How Lord

Henry feels about Dorian; How Dorian feels about

Lord Henry; and How Dorian feels about Basil.

4 Discuss this famous epigram: (clever, witty or

funny saying) from the book on the board: ‘I choose

my friends for their beauty and my enemies for their

intelligence. A man cannot be too careful in choosing

his enemies.’ Do you agree with this saying or not?

Each student should comment on the other ones´ opinions/

perceptions and be ready to carry out a discussion in class.

Each student finds one more epigram from these chapters

and post it on the forum.

i have painted self-portraits, also painted some friends' faces, nothing professional.

when looking at someone else faces it is natural to have prejudices about the person. the impression ain't always the right one, obviously, you can't get to know nobody just by looking at his face.

face gesticulation may tell somethings about its person sometimes, like if someone is arrogant it can be possible to notice it by its face gesticulation; or if someone is a sympathetic person, you can also see that by his smile or eyes.

by looking at dorian gray's paint on the cover of the book, i see an arrogant person, rich man, with a high self-esteem; he does look like a dude who's got good manners but who can be unpolite at the same time. he seems to be a proud guy and his face tells me " hey dude, i'm way better than you".

i think i wouldn't dislike him, i got nothing against sober and arrogant people as long as they don't bother me personaly, i don't think he would offend me or stuff, but he is not a dude i would like to have in my company every time, if you know what i mean. i like every kind of person, but, obviously, i like one kind more than the other, and this guy doesn't seem like a very sociable kind.

1.- no, no one has ever done our portrait.

2.- no, we have never painted someone's portrait, we aren´t artists.

3.-you can tell if he´s happy, or handsme, by looking at a person you can tell if you would tust them or not.

4.-this person is abmitious, selfish, narsisist, not a good person and a poser.

5.- We don't think would like him, beause his personality doesn´t match ours.

6.-He doesn´t inspire trust, and seems like an arrgant person who would hurt your feelings.

paola and nicole

Hi nicole!

I totall agree with what you just said!,

How does Basil feel about DG?

-He is very proud of the paint he has done about Dorian Gray.

How does Lord Henry feel about DG?

-Jealous. So, he tries too hard to pervert him.

How does DG feel about Basil?

-DG is very happy with the paint he has done; He seems impressed of his beauty.

How does DG feel about L. Henry?

-Treats him like a Tutor. Listens to everything he says.

Roald Dorantes & Marco Cruz VI°B

Okey, facts that make someone beautiful:

In a woman.(chava and mario) A little delicate nose to start.Ears have to be small and in propotion to the face. Eye color is not very important but light eyes are often nicer. Eyelashes should be kind of big. Mario likes short brown hair like carmen's and i like brown or black hair. Skin tone is for us very important, brown or light skin tone is fine, as long as it is not pale. A fine propotional body. Not skiny but not fat is okey. Straight teeth and a little mouth with regular lips, not tiny also not very big.

For men. (carmen and maria a) Long hair, color is not important. maria likes a sexy back. They are way better with the whole package if you know what i mean, six pack. Not a very delicate nose, Regular size. Mouth is not imporant just regular size. Big eyebrows. Eyelashes not very big, kind of small. Big adan's apple is hot. Big breasts. Strong arms without exagerating. Big but. p

Dorian would fall in love with someone who has a total different personality as his. He only cares for material stuff. He’s also kid of selfish and he finds himself superior as the others.

That’s why he needs a woman who is uncomplicated and simple but intelligent and creative as well. He needs a woman that would care about him and a lady who shows him how life really is and that he’s not God.

Because of the way he is and the way he always reacts, I think it would really hard for him to find someone he could actually love. The problem here is that he finds himself superior as everyone else; no woman would really be “good enough” for him, so he would treat her like she’s stupid or something.

Marianne, Hanne, Merche, Nicole, Paola

•Basil tells Henry that he's wrong – looks aside, anyone who's different in any way is marked by fate. He predicts that his art, Lord Henry's wealth, and Dorian Gray's beauty will make them all suffer for their distinction.

•Lord Henry ignores Basil's dire prophecy, and focuses on the name – Dorian Gray, the beautiful boy in the portrait. Basil, it turns out, hadn't wanted to tell Henry Dorian's name, and Lord Henry asks why.

•Basil replies that some names are special to him; whenever he likes someone, he always conceals their names from friends, because it makes them seem more mysterious. In general, mysteries are more appealing.

•This is something Lord Henry completely understands. In his marriage for example, he and his wife have nothing but secrets, and they both like it that way.

•Basil laughs off Lord Henry's cynical attitude, and claims that his friend isn't really a cynic on the inside. Lord Henry responds that everyone's a poseur of one kind or another, and that cynicism is entertaining, in the least.

Hannelore , Marianne, Nicole, Mercedes, Paola

I don't agree with " A man cannot be too careful in choosing

his enemies." it's not true a man chooses his enemies.

Hannelore Stege

1. No, we haven’t had our portrait done yet.

2. No, we haven’t painted someone else’s portrait, we can’t draw

3. We think a persons face can tell you much about his personality. We can see this because of the expression a person make and the way he reacts on things.

4. By seen this picture we can judge that this person is a very self confident man and superficial.

5. We’re not sure. He could be a really cool guy and than we would like him, but on the contrary he could be a total jerk and in that case we wouldn’t like him.

Marianne, Merche, Hanne

When i see the portrait...

I haven't have had a portrait of me, just photos.

I haven't painted anyone else portrait, I can't draw good enough for that.

When you look at the face of someone else, you can see if he/she is angry, mad or happy, but his/her personality not at all.

This man looks young. He seems to be conservative and well educated.

I don't know if I would like him, I have to talk to him first; but yes, would be interesting to know someone like him...


Answer to number 1. ANDREA RUIZ CHAPTER 2

I have never had a portait of myself done, but I think it would be really interesting to know someone else´s perception of me.

I can´t pait that´s why I´ve never donde a portait of someone, but if I had the talent the story will be different and I´ll probably would paint every single person I know because I think everyone is different to each otheres eyes, for example I don´t see Corina the same way she “sees” herself or the same way Rosenda “sees” her.

Our faces are unique and are the mirror to our emotions, feelings and thoughts.

I´m pretty sure I would not just like, but adore Dorian Gray, not just because of his beautiful face and charm, but also for what he as a character respresents, pure and simple pleasure.


My head

Dorian is Basil's artistic inspiration. He feels kind of empty without him artistically speaking. He is stunned by Dorian's beauty.

Dorian likes Basil, not like a friend. He just likes him. I could say that Basil cares a lot more for Dorian than Dorian for Basil. Dorian sees Basil's work with a feeling of appretiation.

Lord Henry wants to "take control" over Dorian, he is a person who kind of has a lot of hidden energie and wants to release it through Dorian Gray. he wants to experience a lot of things and sees Dorian like the answer to his prayers.

Dorian Gray certainly likes Lord Henry. He sees him like .. sort of a teacher to him. Lord Henry puts ideas into Dorian Gray's thoughts and kind of changes his perspective and about life and stuff. Dorian likes to spend time with him.

I`ve never paint someones face, and mine has never been painted, but I think you can`t know how someone is just by looking his face, mabe yu can think things about him but they are not alway gonna be true.

Basil is proud about the paint of dorian gray. and we think lord henry feels jealous abut dorina gray. DG feels happy and is impressed about his beauty, dorian G treatr lord henry very good he's kind of an example for him and he allways listens to him.

merche, marianne, hanne, nicole and paola

Answer 2. ANDREA RUIZ team( marco, roald, alexandra) chapter 2

We believe beauty is a very complex concept, beacuse maybe what I see as beautuiful others just can´t see the beauty in it.

In my personal opinion “beautiful people” are the ones who have something different and original, something that makes them be remarkable.

Hi Mr. T!:)

Someone has once made a portrait of me, but I didn`t seem alike. And i have never ever painted someone else’s portrait.

Seeing the face of a person, I could say many things, but what I can tell is if the person is happy, if she`s trustworthy, friendly, or has a good personality. The physique of a person can not tell you much. I say that looks can be deceiving and one should not rely on that.

But also to see the person you know if you do chemistry with it or not.

I think, that this man is a liitle too arrogant, and wats to show selfconfidence. But I see him as if he thinks he`s too handsome and could do or have whatever he wants. He also doesn´t inspire trust,and a person who would hurt your feelings.I don`t think I would like him, we wouldn`t come among eachother because he`s not the type of person I could speak to.

2. In discussing the qualities of a beautiful person, we conclude that a person is beautiful, when you clean the soul, being a good person, nice, understanding, help you, you know it is there for you, someone you can trust.

Being beautiful is not about a physical thing, but what you are inside, the way you are.

No one has ever done my portrait. I'm bad with painting so I have never painted someone's portrait. By looking at someone`s faces, I can notice if he or she is handsome, kind, shy, a little of the personality. I thing he is like an inteligent man, courios, a little bad but handsome. I would never like him because he seems like bad. I don't like bad people.

I was ones painted by my uncle and it was kind of funny I felt very strange. As the time past by when my portrait was being done I felt very uncomfortable because every time my uncle saw me his view was more penetrating. The truth is that I don`t remember very well that experience but it was strange.

sometimes when I`m boring i try to draw things , the things i see but it is very hard to me to draw portraits so i`ve never done a portrait.

By looking to someones face i can realize which attitude the person has, whether he friendly is or not.

I agree with mercedes opinion about lord henry feeling jealous abut dorina gray and DG feeling happy and being impressed about his beauty.