The Picture of Dorian Gray

TDG Preface discussion

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Let us discuss the preface on TPDG.

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Symmetrical faces and bodies can make someone beautiful, the youth, eyes, body proportion and hear can also play a big role on being attractive.

For us girls, we like when man take care of themselves like been healthy, hygienic, maybe athletic. His personality affects to, he needs to be nice and he needs to treat us like ladies.

He doesn’t need to be like really handsome, but it is great when guys are attractive in a sort of way.

Marianne, Merche, Hanne

I) 1. No, I dont have any portrait of mine

2. I have painted just one portrait of a cousin, but it was not to good.

3. Sometimes when you look at the face of someone, you interpretate the way he or she is, with help of her or his appereance. Some people look like they are really naive, others like they are really serius people, even if they are not like that.

4. I thing that Dorian Gray is a really shy person, he looks naive but a good person, klso intelligent and curious.

5. I think I would like him, he seems to be patient and a understanding guy, thats means that I can have a conversation with him and trust him. He is interested about knowing new things in life.

III) How Basil feels about Dorian; How Lord

Henry feels about Dorian; How Dorian feels about

Lord Henry; and How Dorian feels about Basil.

1) basil likes to much Basil, he seems to be in love with him, we dont know yet if basil feels affection of Dorian or is just because Basil inspirates and feels motivated about painting Dorian.

choosing friends because of their looks is superficial but in some ways, for a superficial society it has it benefits. in those social circles, the good looking ones may often be the rich ones, the high society ones. by choosing nice faces or dresses one may be getting involved in better social suroundings.

the enemies thing, it's hard to understand. even though i think choosing smart enemies can be because of egocentric reasons. one person who likes challenges likes to be better than people they dislike, and what a better way to enjoy themselves than by knowing that those people you are better than, are smart and powerful too, they feel undefitable.

Answer 3. I´ve showed you this on papper, and Alexandra was my pair.

Answer 4. ‘I choose my friends for their beauty and my enemies for their

intelligence. A man cannot be too careful in choosing his enemies.’

I totally agree with this epigram. It means that friends are beautiful and full of qualities because they bring you joy and you can have fun and pleasure with them, that´s why we should “choose them for their beauty”. But with enemies it a whole different story, we have to “choose our enemies for their intelligence” and in my opinion this intelligence should be equivalent to our own intelligence so it´s a “fair battle” but also an entertaining one. We “cannot be too careful in choosing enemies” because it´s a hard labour, we might commit a terrible mistake by underestimate them and a bigger one by overestimate them.

Other epigram that I love from this novel (chapter 2) is “The only difference between a caprice and a life-long passion is that the caprice lasts little longer.”


my head

Other epigram that I love from this novel (chapter 2) is “The only difference between a caprice and a life-long passion is that the caprice lasts little longer.”

4. I disagree about that because friends are not chosen for their beauty, but for his personality, although many people choose their friends for their beauty only by hypocrisy and feel more important than others. But those people always end up more lonely because they have no real friends with whom they can count.

Would choose either the enemies for their intelligence, it would be very dangerous for me.

Conversely, a person must be very careful choosing his enemies, otherwise you're going to lose.

It is very difficult to find true friends, not take advantage of you, because nowadays, people have become very hypocritical.

A friendship based on trust is the most important.

answer 3 :

I think Basil seems to be in love with Dorian but i don't know yet if he really loves him like a romatic thing or just because Dorian inspirates Basil with the painting. Basil admires Dorian and he thinks Dorian is beautiful.

Lord Henry feels about Dorian like an opportunity to live all the things he couldn´t live. He corromp Dorian with his vision of the world. Dorian feels like couriosity about Lord Henry because he is captivated of the ideas he plant into Dorian. Dorian is a good friend of Basil, he apreciate Basil´s work.

On the other hand, I agree with salvador, however sad it may be, it is.

People are more based on their physical, because that way they get more benefits, like salvador said..

But with the enemies part, I disagree because even if a person likes to have challenges, it is never good to have an intelligent enemy, because he would only make you suffer. It is best not to have enemies and if so, get away from them.

It is not good to find extra trouble.

I really liked the epigram that Andrea chose because he is right. A fad is something that is more imbued in a person with a passion.

Although the two are something that lasts long in someone's whim, because you got something that makes you want it more indirectly.

I choose

my friends for their beauty and my enemies for their

intelligence. A man cannot be too careful in choosing

his enemies.

it's more fun, and by having smart enemies you can have so much more fun :)