The One (The Selection) Characters

The One (The Selection) Character List

America Singer

The main protagonist of the book. She is participating in the Selection, and has fallen in love with Prince Maxon. She is also intent in discovering why the rebels want to attack the system and has also made an enemy out of the King for this curiosity.

Maxon Schreave

The Prince of the kingdom and America's love interest. He is deeply in love with America and intent on marrying her. However, his discovery of her relationship with Aspen leaves him bitter and hurt. Nonetheless, he is dedicated to his people and is the opposite of his father.


America's ex-boyfriend. He is now intent on being with her but she no longer loves him. His prescence and advances towards America irritates Maxon. However, he eventually decides to let go of America so she can be with Maxon.

King Clarkson

He is a corrupt and cruel leader, who attempts to make America's life a misery by having her carry out tasks that make her look bad to the public. He does not like her extensive knowledge about the kingdom's problems and therefore urges Maxon to not choose her as his queen.

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