The Nose (Akutagawa) Characters

The Nose (Akutagawa) Character List

Zenchi Naigu

Zenchi is a Buddhist priest who has abnormally large nose. As a result, he has practical difficulties in his daily life, but more importantly he is afraid of what other people will think. He is preoccupied with his nose and tries everything to make it appear smaller. With the help of his disciple, Zenchi tries a Chinese method to shorten his nose. The method works, but Zenchi is far more discontent than ever before because people laugh at him for his vanity. He becomes bitter and treats other harshly. One day, Zenchi wakes up feeling content and relieved. When he examines his face, he finds out that his nose is back at its original size.


The disciple travels abroad and meets a Chinese doctor, who tells him how to shorten a nose. When the disciple returns, he tells Zenchi of this new method and he helps him put it to practice. When Zenchi's nose is shorter, the disciple comes to reproach him for his vanity and his treatment of others.


When the disciple is abroad, the page is in charge of helping Zenchi eat. He fails at this task and causes Zenchi embarrassment.

Chinese doctor

Chinese doctor, who is also a priest in a temple in Kyoto, talks to Zenchi's disciple and tells him how to shorten a nose.

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