The Nobility and Excellence of Women, and the Defects and Vices of Men Themes

The Nobility and Excellence of Women, and the Defects and Vices of Men Themes

If one sex is greater than the other, it's female, not male.

Women are awesome. Marinella starts right out of the gates with an unequivocal celebration of her gender, highlighting the beauty of female names, the social power of women in life, and most importantly, the divine principles that undergird the feminine role in life.

Women are naturally charged with nobler tasks than men.

Because women are charged with taking care of the family, of raising and giving birth to children, they are naturally more noble than men, because nature has forced them to accept a role that is others-centric instead of ego-centric. Women know the value of service, because nature makes them the servants of their children, whereas men in their low view of women, mistake that wilingness to serve as a sign of inferiority.

Man's arrogance comes from his refusal to accept his minor role.

Because masculinity is the minor mode of the universe, in Marinella's perspective, men are charged by nature with the task of humility, which they fail. Because they are not humble enough to understand that women are superior, they invent a patriarchal narrative structure to overcompensate for their natural moral weakness.

Men are more likely to mistreat other people.

Because men are insecure and prideful, they often assert themselves above others and impose their will on others. This is shown in the analysis of a wide array of behavior analyses, but essentially, this is the central argument.

Men are solipsistic, but women are familial.

The most authoritative argument for Marinella's thesis is the basic idea that men, because of their competitive role in nature, are naturally predisposed to be selfish and only to think about their own interests. However, women are charged with child birth, so they are not allowed to devolve into that kind of selfishness by nature. By nature, women are life-giving and nourishing to others. They are loving, you might even say.

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