The Nobility and Excellence of Women, and the Defects and Vices of Men Summary

The Nobility and Excellence of Women, and the Defects and Vices of Men Summary

Marinella's The Nobility is a direct response to the publication of a popular but misogynistic treatise called The Defects of Women, and so she turns to the task of highlighting the nobility of women and the faults of men. The first few chapters deal with the philosophical understanding of the female energy in nature and the nobility of women as agents of that form. She starts by analyzing the depth of meaning of the names of women, analyzing the qualities of the universe and of God that caused the female gender in the first place.

She argues that femininity is superior in the universe because the office given to the female by nature is the life-giving office, the creation of life, and so in the same manner that God is the creator, femininity is aligned with force of God. Therefore women are superior to men. She then analyzes the chivalry of men and the way men feel naturally obliged to honor women.

The next chapters deal with with misinterpretation of the truth by the majority of men. She offers reasons why the tendencies and behaviors of women are more noble and ethical than their male counterpart. She even goes so far as to say that man's adoption of a patriarchal understanding of the universe is flippant and defensive, because the truth is so obviously the other way around.

In Part II, she drives this criticism of men to the next level, discussing the wrathful tendencies of men, the prideful and willful ignorance that characterizes male stubbornness, the gruff and thankless attitude of men toward women, and the discourteous tendencies of men. She analyzes man's tendency to assert himself as the most important person and then to mistreat the people he perceives to be below him. She notices that men are especially prone to hateful behavior, especially because of competition.

To end her diatribe, she shows a long list of the victims of the patriarchal view of the sexes, discussing the phenomenon of male murderers, explaining the various reasons that men are more likely than women to murder their mothers, fathers, siblings, children and grandchildren.

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