The Nightingale Themes

The Nightingale Themes

Power of Women

The Nightingale proved that women have a great power and they can do what men can do and more. The story debunks the idea of women being weak to join the war. Isabelle and Vianne were very strong examples of what women can do. From Isabelle hiding soldiers and helping them cross the Pyrenees mountains from France to Spain, to Vianne rescuing the Jewish children and putting them in an orphanage instead of being put in concentration camps and eventually dying. These two women were a symbol of the power of women. Also, the story highlighted that even if women didn't physically fight in war, they fight in their own houses by being patient that their husbands are gone, making sure there is enough food and the children are safe and maintaining a stable shelter for their children in spite of what the war holds outside the house and the dangers they face.

War and Destruction

This story highlights that war is not only fighting off soldiers among each other and victory and defeat. The reality is that no country wins, rather, they both suffer great losses, not only of souls but of buildings and roads and towns as a whole. After the war, most people are mentally and physically destroyed, whether they fought in the war or not, which affects the country's economy and state. Moreover, many buildings are destroyed by bombs and likewise, which will require a lot of time and money to rebuild it. Also, a whole generation is lost because of the decimation of the young soldiers who are taken in war. Basically, war is not the destruction of the leaders and their countries, rather, it affects the civilians and innocent soldiers who did nothing to be dragged into a war that destroyed their lives.

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