The Nightingale Literary Elements

The Nightingale Literary Elements


Historical Ficiton

Setting and Context

France (Paris, Carribeau), World War II

Narrator and Point of View

Third Person Omniscient who shows the thoughts of both Vianne and Isabelle throughout the story.

Tone and Mood

Curious, Nostalgic

Protagonist and Antagonist

Protagonist: French People (specifically Vianne, Isabelle and the Free-French group ) Antagonist: German Nazis

Major Conflict

France has been occupied by Germany and Isabelle joins the Free France group. She is required in the beginning to pass out papers to make French aware of the war and the danger of the Germans, then her job gets more dangerous as the war stays, for she was required then to help the English Pilots who stayed alive after their planes fell and then they hid in Paris. She had to climb the Pyrenees and get them to Spain without the Germans knowing her true identity.


When the Germans found Isabelle and her teammates and demanded her for the real Nightingale.


Isabelle's escapes from her house several times when she was young successfully foreshadowed her success -as a woman in war- to escape with the pilots across the Pyrenes.


Gaetan asking Isabelle for a kiss to help her make a difference in the war .


The constant respectful remarks from Captain Beck to Vianne and his extraordinary respectful treatment with Vianne and her daughter hinted that he will be of great help in the future, which happened when he told her that they going to all the jews to concentration camps so she can hide her friend.


Vianne's houses with its beauty and greenery before the war and what happened to it from destruction after the war is a vivid image of not only the houses of similar people like Vianne but also to the countries that contributed to WWII as a whole. The countries and houses were beautiful and full of resources, food, money, etc, but after the war, people were decimated, houses were destroyed. Also, Vianne's house had her whole family, and her neighborhood was a lively and a friendly one, but after the war, half her neighbours were dead or taken in concentration camps.


"They think talking about a problem will solve it."



Metonymy and Synecdoche



"The stairs unfold from the ceiling like a gentleman extending his hand"

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