The Mistletoe Promise Irony

The Mistletoe Promise Irony

The Reason Why Elise Feels Dan Cannot Love Her

Elise feels that if Nick knew all about her, and specifically if he knew all about Hannah's death, he would be unable to love her. Ironically this is the primary reason why Nick is able to love her, as he knows that only she can really understand the remorse and distress he feels after accidentally causing the death of others.

Zoey's Envy Of Elise's Relationship

Zoey is extremely attractive and a magnet for men, and she seems to enjoy dating a number of men simultaneously. She never lacks male attention or company and Elise has always envies the way in which men are almost guaranteed to be attracted to her. Ironically Zoey knows that men are interested in a physical relationship with her and not a meaningful lasting one and is actually envious of the relationship Elise has with a man who clearly thinks the world of her and is devoted and attentive.

Dan Being Cheated On

Dan was unfaithful to Elise in two ways, by having an affair in the first place and by having the affair with her best friend, compounding the betrayal. Elise was expected to just get on with life alone when he chose someone else but ironically when Dan is cheated on by his now wide he is incapable of being alone and turns back to Elise.

Dan Revealing Nick's Secret

This is ironic because Dan intends his triumphant revealing of Nick's causing the death of three people in a drunk driving incident to put an end to the relationship but in fact it has the opposite effect and makes Elise love Nick all the more because she realizes he is uniquely placed to understand her.

Zoey and Cathy Believing Nick's Gifts To Elise Compensate For Physical Unattractiveness

Zoey and Cathy believe that Nick sends Elise so many gifts and flowers because he is making up for being fat, short and bald. This is ironic since the gifts have nothing to do with what Elise thinks of Nick on the outside and everything to do with what he sees in Elise on the inside.

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