The Mistletoe Promise Glossary

The Mistletoe Promise Glossary


The equipment and accessories necessary for the job.


An association of separate individual entities into a loosely connected conglomerate of shared interests.


A popular plant during Christmas for hanging overhead and under which those who meet are compelled to kiss.


Acting, suspected or actually experiencing symptoms indicative of psychosis.


A mixture of currants, raisins, sugar, apples, candied citrus peel, spices, and suet, typically baked in a pie that is most popular during the Christmas holidays.


A close relationship between two people that has no romantic or sexual dimension.

two-edged sword

A metaphor implying that the very same situation considered beneficial also has the potential to become a liabiity.


The agenda that has been set out for a trip to a destination away from home.


The coordinated details necessary to implement and carry out a complex process or procedure.


Atonement and salvation gained through a process a redressing one's past sins.


To become estranged and isolated from others.


An expression of bemused or sardonic puzzlement.

The Golden Rule

A statement encapsulating the philosophy that one should never treat others in a way that they would not wanted to be treated themselves.


An outlook charaterized by the values of a small insulated community distrustful of strangers, suspicious of attacks upon convention and traditiona and resistant to change.


An expert or professional slipped in among amateurs for the purpose of cheating by deceiving competitors into thinking they have always been a part of the team.


Marked by a disposition toward being reserved and uncommunicative and other traits often misinterpreted as antisocial.


Overcome and overwhelmed; surrounded; flooded,


Generous, unforgiving, considerate and charitable.

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