The Mistletoe Inn Irony

The Mistletoe Inn Irony

Kim As A Romance Writer

Kim has a very bad track record when it comes to relationships, having been twice dumped during the engagement (and once left at the altar( and having just become officially divorced from a misogynistic history professor who was emotionally abusive and left her for two of his students after a national scandal that involved his offering good grades to his female students in return for their performing sex acts on him. Understandably Kim does not believe in love and romance and wants to protect herself from emotional involvement which is why it is so ironic that she aspires to being a writer of romantic fiction.

Zeke's Suicide Attempt

Kim is a fair and open-minded person who would likely be accepting of any medical condition or any previous action that Zeke might have told her about. Ironically he confides that he once tried to kill himself which is the one thing that Kim cannot accept and the one thing that she would not want to open herself up to being the victim of again.

Kim's Father's Refusal To Seek Better Treatment

Kim's father asks if he passed away from his cancer, would Kim blame him for leaving her. Kim replies that of course she would not. His goal in asking this question is to make Kim see her mother's depression as another illness, but ironically, as he is refusing to seek any medical treatment from a hospital that would treat him more quickly than the Veteran's Hospital, he is also in a way committing suicide and leaving Kim by letting his disease kill him and by not seeking out the faster treatment that would save his life.

Kim Refusing To Write Marcus A Reference

Over a year after their divorce, and having become aware of her relationship with Zeke, Kim's ex-husband Marcus asks her to write him a reference for a teaching job in a high school. She declines to do so because she does not want him to have access to high school girls. It is ironic that as his ex-wife she has the power to stop his relationships with his students but was unable to when they were married as Marcus was not the kind of husband for whom being married was a reason to be faithful.

Kim As Marcus' Student

Kim meets Marcus because she is his student and her marriage is based on his predilection for dating his students, which is ironic because his predilection for dating his students is the reason for the dissolution of their marriage when he leaves Kim for not one, but two of his female students.

Proximity of a World Class Cancer Hospital

Kim's father is having to wait far too long for the surgery that will save his life because of a lack of resources at the veterans hospital, but ironically one of the best cancer centers in the world is located literally just down the street from his house, making him close to the best resources that the medical profession has to offer.

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