The Mistletoe Inn Background

The Mistletoe Inn Background

The Mistletoe Inn is the second book in a series of three Christmas-themed romance novels by bestselling author Richard Paul Evans. The books are not a trilogy but all share the word "Mistletoe" in the title. Evans explains that the books are a Christmas present for his readers. Although not a trilogy there are a few connections between the books; for example, Kim Rossi, the would-be romantic novel list who is the main character in The Mistletoe Inn, is writing a book called The Mistletoe Promise, which is the title of the first book in Evans' Christmas series.

The novel follows Kim Rossi on her quest to become a published romance writer, an aspiration she has had for a long time despite the fact her own romantic life is an unmitigated disaster. This creates a problem for her as a writer; how can she write about love when she has all but closed herself off from it? Kim's father signs her up for a writing workshop at The Mistletoe Inn in Vermont, where she not only meets fellow writers but also a handsome stranger with whom she starts to fall in love.

This is a love story with a happy ending but also deals with serious issues such as depression, suicide and the lack of resources available to veterans. All of these subjects affect Kim in a profound way, making her the person she is and ultimately attracting Zeke Cowell, a world famous but extremely lonely novelist, who is tired of the rather superficial people he has been meeting on the celebrity circuit. Like many of Evans' female characters, it is their awareness of their own flaws that attract the man of their dreams.

Richard Paul Evans has written more than thirty novels, each a New York Times best seller. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and five children.

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