The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Themes

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Themes

Morality Versus Legality

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood largely deals with the disconnect between morality and legality. Robin Hood is unjustly named an outlaw and is constantly hunted down by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff is working legally, and in compliance with the law, but he is still the "bad guy." Robin Hood breaks the law numerous times, most famously by stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Stealing is unquestionably illegal, but Robin Hood's actions reflect his strong moral compass and desire to help the needy. He is morally just in his illegal actions.


Deception plays a large role in the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. Disguise, deceit and deception are tools that are used by both Robin Hood and his men as well as by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Throughout Pyle's stories, the Sheriff of Nottingham is tirelessly trying to apprehend Robin and his men using elaborate schemes. However elaborate and however close the Sheriff come to succeeding, Robin and his Merry Men inevitably end up out deceiving the deceiver.

Camaraderie and Brotherhood

Robin Hood and his Merry Men have a uniquely strong bond to one another. Throughout the novel, as each man joins Robin's crew they are immediately and whole-heartedly welcomed by all members. This deep brotherhood and friendship is a theme that runs throughout the entire novel and the bond that these men share is a palpable connection. This compassionate, devoted brotherly love is a unique portrayal of masculinity in literature.

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