The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Characters

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Character List

Robin Hood

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, as the title would suggest, focuses largely on the protagonist, Robin Hood. Robin Hood is a noble outlaw and uses his status as a thief and criminal to subvert the Sheriff of Nottingham and famously steal from the rich to give to the poor. Robin recruits and leads a misfit gang of "Merry Men" who all fight against injustice in Nottingham.

Little John

Little John was one of the first Merry Men to join Robin's company. Little John first introduced himself to Robin and his company by his name, John Little. Will Stutely, one of Robin's men, declared that instead of John Little he would called Little John. Little John grew to become Robin Hood right-hand man and one of his most trusted friends.

The Sheriff of Nottingham

The Sheriff of Nottingham acts as the main protagonist in The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. The Sheriff is responsible for putting a bounty on Robin's head and declaring him an outlaw after Robin killed his cousin and poached a King's deer. The Sheriff devises many plans to capture and trick Robin Hood and his men, but Robin and his Merry Men are always one step ahead of him.

Will Scarlet

Robin and his Merry Men attempted to rob Will Scarlet when they first crossed his path. Will Gamwell was dressed to the nines and Robin Hood, in his usual way, demanded his purse. Will told Robin and his men that he was running away because he had killed one of his father's cruel servants. The company adopted Will and named him Will Scarlett in honor of his lavish clothes.

Allan a Dale

Allan a Dale was crying when he met Robin Hood. He was only twenty years old and was lamenting his lost love, who was promised to marry another man. Robin and his men listened intently to Allan's tragic story and promised that they would help him win back his love. With that, Allan joined the Merry Men where he was know for having the most beautiful voice they had ever heard.

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