The Member of the Wedding Characters

The Member of the Wedding Character List

Frankie Addams

A confused preteen whose blossoming romantic feelings, coupled with her broken family, lead her to imagine her life as a stowaway in her brother's life.

The Addams' Father

The town jeweler whose wife, Frankie's mother, died giving birth to her.


The Addams' family maiden whose discussions with Frankie provoke her to quit her job and try for a better life.

John Henry

Frankie's 6 year old cousin and friend.

The Soldier

A troubled man who the little girl meets in a bar. She wants to have a play date with him, but he wants her for real, and he tries to rape her. She escapes.

Jarvis and Janice

Newlyweds. Jarvis is Frankie's elder brother, and Janice is his fiancée and eventual wife.

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