The Man of Mode

The Man of Mode Metaphors and Similes

"...and pretty little lips, with a little moisture ever hanging on them, that look like Provence rose fresh on the bush..." (Simile) (53)

Here, Medley compares human beauty to the natural beauty of roses.

Love as a mode of warfare (Metaphor)

Love and courtship are viewed in terms of war, battles, and conquest. Thus, war is a metaphor for love.

Corruption of love as an illness (Metaphor)

Disease is used as a metaphor for dangerous, unhealthy love, as of that evinced by Mrs. Loveit (75).

"'Tis not likely a man should be fond of seeing a damned old play when there is a new one acted" (Metaphor) (116)

Dorimant uses the metaphor of a play to describe the iterative dynamics of love and courtship.

"His bulky folly gathers as it goes, / And, rolling o'er you, like a snowball grows" (Simile) (145)

Here, the cumulative nature of foolishness is compared to a snowball gathering material as it rolls along.