The Man of Mode

The Man of Mode Irony

Mistaken Identity

It is ironic that Lady Woodvill is so taken with "Mr. Courtage," because he is, of course, the hated Dorimant.

Sir Fopling's Sense of Self

Sir Fopling thinks he is the perfect embodiment of class, decorum, and taste; but, in reality he is annoying, superficial, and foolish. Everything he says sounds right, but is actually ridiculous.

The domestication of Dorimant

It is ironic that Dorimant, a womanizer and a rogue, ends up falling for someone and planning to move to the country to be with her in the bonds of marriage.

Mrs. Loveit's Hypocrisy

Mrs. Loveit is an ironic character, for while she ostensibly adheres to oaths and standards, she flagrantly transgresses them in her rage against Dorimant. She reveals herself to be the complete opposite of a real lady, and betrays her own espoused codes of conduct.