The Man of Feeling Themes

The Man of Feeling Themes

Violation of the law and social injustice

This sentimental novel is not only about feelings of one man; instead, it brings up rather important issues. For instance, due to absolute indifference and irresponsibility of his guardians, this young man has to deal with a large number of various money problems. To solve at least one of his issues, he is advised to sell his vote for a lease for a land. Isn’t it strange that there is no other way to achieve what he wants other than violating the law? Social injustice is found everywhere here. One more example is a story of Mr. Edwards, who is punished with leashes, because he saves an old Indian man. Unfortunately, in the world of people with feeling hearts and narrow hearts, the latter wins.

Unrequited love

Love is a dateless theme, which can’t help but make readers empathize with characters. Mr. Harley’s love is doomed, for he has neither money nor a high position in the society to offer. He suffers from unrequited love and doesn’t dare to tell Miss Walton about his feelings. His silence and lack of observance of Miss Walton leads to a tragedy. The thing a reader can learn from their story is that one should take care about those, who he/she loves and don’t wait for a certain moment to confess.


Everyone knows that it is important to be kind and be compassionate with everyone, who needs help. Unfortunately, being constantly busy and trying to keep up with a large number of different tasks, we often forget about it. Mr. Harley always places interests and needs of other people ahead of his own. Although it doesn’t bring him happiness in the end and it would be rather unreasonably to follow his example at everything, he can teach us to pay attention to other people and help them, when we can.

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