The Man of Feeling Characters

The Man of Feeling Character List

Mr. Harley

Mr. Harley is the protagonist of the novel, the man of feeling. Being an extremely kind-hearted, compassionate and sensitive to injustice person, he is convinced that other people are just like him. Although Mr. Harley has a large number of serious problems, he tries to help those, who are in need. He doesn’t really care about money and is absolutely selfless, that’s why Mr. Harley doesn’t confess to Miss Walton that he loves her, for she is engaged to a rich man.

Miss Walton

Miss Walton is a beautiful daughter and rich heiress of Mr. Walton, who is a neighbor of Mr. Harley. When Mr. Harley finds out that she is engaged to another man, he gets sick and eventually dies. Unfortunately, she starts reciprocating his feelings too late. Miss Walton confesses Mr. Harley that she loves him, when he is on a deathbed. She remains single.

Miss Atkins

Miss Atkins is a young woman, who Mr. Harley meets on one of London’s streets. Due to an unhappy love story, she runs away from home. However, the man she falls in love with doesn’t want to settle down and start a family with her. Miss Atkins becomes a prostitute, but dreams about returning home.

Mr. Atkins

Mr. Atkins is a father of Miss Atkins. He comes to London in order to take her back home. When he sees Mr. Harley in her room, he becomes furious. As soon as he learns the truth, the father and the daughter reconcile.

Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards is an old friend of Mr. Harley. They meet on their way home to South-Hill. Mr. Edwards spends several years in India, where he serves as a soldier. When he helps an old Indian man to run away, he is punished with leashes. In return, the old Indian man gives him all him money. When Mr. Edwards returns home, he finds out that his son and his daughter-in-law are dead and his grandchildren are orphans.

Harry Benson

Harry Benson is Miss Walton’s fiancé.


Peter is a gardener in Harley’s family.

Mrs. Harley

Mrs. Harley is Mr. Harley’s aunt.

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