The Malefactor Themes

The Malefactor Themes


In this story, the problem of who is a true culprit of this carelessness and who is a real malefactor resounds very clearly. Gentlemen, to whom the village men sell these nuts, know perfectly well where the nuts are used. Surely, they are certainly smarter than the village men are and understand perfectly well that such “needlework” of peasants can lead to tragedy. However, the gentlemen are silent. On the sly, they continue to buy seines with the nuts made of the rails. Such negligence can end in the most terrible consequences. Unfortunately, every person searches for personal gain in his life without thinking that this benefit can harm other people.

Poverty, survival

Who is guilty of the fact that the village men wring the nuts out of the railway, causing many train accidents and even death? During the reading of this short story, there is absolutely no impression that Denis has such an intention to kill people and he is a malicious violator of the law. He appears barefoot before the court – it means he is poor and seine is his way to survive. Is it possible to blame him for survival? After all, he does not intend to kill innocent people in his mind. In addition, his stupidity proves the fact that Denis does not understand his guilt. Poverty makes him risk his position.

Lack of education

Denis Grigoryev appears as an uneducated character, one who is looking for a better life. His lack of education and lack of understanding of the situation in which he finds himself have a comic effect for the reader. However, unfortunately the main character does not understand that he is digging his own grave because of his stupidity. Denis tries to deny that he is not guilty, but he does not deny the fact that he steals the nuts on the rails. It turns out a very ridiculous situation. No matter how Denis tries to prove his innocence, he will not change anything because he has already pleaded his guilt.

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