The Malefactor Irony

The Malefactor Irony

Misunderstanding and foolishness

The ironic effect arises from the fact that the main character does not understand his role in the opinion of the interlocutor and the reader – Denis Grigoryev does not understand the role of the defendant. He does not understand his guilt, but he does not deny the fact that he is guilty. It is a bit comical, because any other person would deny his guilt.

Loose tongue

The irony can be noticed when Denis Grigoryev says that he “is holding his tongue, as it is”. Actually, it is difficult for the magistrate to make Grigoryev keep silent. Denis always says something and teases the magistrate.

Selling down the river

Denis immediately recognizes his fault. However, Grigoryev says “How many years have we all in the village been unscrewing nuts, and the Lord has been merciful”. It is a bit ironic, because Denis negatively classifies his people, without realizing his action.

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