The Letters of Abelard and Heloise Themes

The Letters of Abelard and Heloise Themes


The story of Abelard and Heloise is known primarily as a love story. It is a tale that proves that no matter the circumstances, love will always prevail if the two lovers are willing to fights for their relationship. In the first letter, little biographical information is offered for both Heloise and Abelard and it becomes clear the letters describe a relationship between two people who are far from one another. Despite this, their feeling for one another remained alive and even seemed to grow stronger and their desire to remain faithful to their partner. Their love is eternal and Abelard expresses his wish to be buried near Heloise, a practice common among the married couples and bearing a symbolic meaning.


Both Abelard and Heloise find refuge in religion after they are forced to separate from one another. Being surrounded by other people who have the same interested helped them become more faithful and made them think more and more about religion and divinity. The ideas about God and forgiveness appear frequently in their letters and they both admit that they try to live as righteous as possible and that they try to control their feelings and urges. Despite this, they both admit that their love for one another is stronger than their love for God and they both feel guilty of not being completely honest to those around them about their feelings.


Both Heloise and Abelard admit that they need to be forgiven for the sins they have done. In his letters to Heloise, Abelard urges her to seek forgiveness and to change her ways in order to be saved by God. Abelard sees Heloise’s attitude towards God and the cloister as a hurdle in her path towards redemption.

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