The Letters of Abelard and Heloise Characters

The Letters of Abelard and Heloise Character List


Abelard is one of the writers of the letters. He is a scholar, a man from a wealthy family who falls in love with his student. Abelard is a spiritual man, concerned with religion and who begins to regret that he didn’t married Heloise, as it went against the Bible principles. Abelard is punished for his sin of having sexual intercourse with a married woman and he is mutilated by Heloise’s uncle. Abelard chooses to go to a monastery and from there he starts to communicate with Heloise through various letters. Abelard never stopped loving Heloise, even though they were apart physically. As a historical figure, Abelard was a noted scholar and philosopher but he gained fame for his love story with Heloise.


Heloise is known as being Abelard’s lover. She was a girl from a rich family, probably an orphan raised by her uncle who tried to give her a proper education. Heloise falls in love with Abelard who is hired by her uncle to be her teacher and the two enter in a relationship without the knowledge or approval of Heloise’s uncle. Heloise is presented as an independent woman, scared of routine that would rather be called a mistress than to see the love between her and Abelard die. Just like Abelard, she continued to love Abelard even after she was sent to a nunnery.


Fulbert is mentioned as being Heloise’s uncle, a canon who hires Abelard as a teacher for his niece. There are not many details about him but from his actions it can be concluded that he cared about his niece and saw her as his daughter. When he heard that Heloise was having a relationship with Abelard, he did everything he could to keep the two lovers away from one another and even tried to revenge his niece’s honor by ‘’punishing’’ Abelard.


Agaton is mentioned as being Heloise’s maid. After Fulbert found about the relationship between Heloise and Abelard, Abelard tried to convince Agaton to help him sneak into the house where Heloise was. Agaton refuses to help him, revealing the fact that she is in love with Abelard as well. When Abelard refuses to accept her offer and become her lover, Agaton gets revenge on Abelard by telling Fulbert about Abelard’s offer and making sure that Heloise and Abelard never get the chance to meet again.


He is Abelard’s divinity teacher.


Beranger is mentioned as being Abelard’s father. Not many information are given about him, except the fact that he came from a wealthy family and had


Champeaux is one of Abelard’s teachers mentioned in one of Abelard’s letters. Abelard quickly surpasses his master


He is the person to whom Abelard writes his first letter to.

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