The Last Lesson

The Last Lesson Irony

Unnecessary Dread (Situational Irony)

The story begins with Franz dreading school because he is running late and has not prepared for the grammar lesson on participles. His unease even tempts him to skip school, but in an instance of situational irony, Hamel doesn't scold Franz under the somber circumstances of this being Hamel's last French lesson. Franz's concern turns out to be misplaced given the significance of the life-changing impositions of the Prussian occupying forces.

Books Become Old Friends (Situational Irony)

Although Franz spends much of his time at school skipping class and putting off learning, his burdensome French textbooks come to seem like old friends after he learns that he will no longer have the opportunity to learn his native language and history. In this instance of situational irony, Franz's resentment toward school suddenly transforms into a profound appreciation for the now-forbidden acquisition of knowledge.