The Kill Order

The Kill Order Literary Elements


Young Adult Fiction / Science Fiction or Dystopian

Setting and Context

In the future, in North America. The world has been ravaged with sun flares and a deadly disease also called "the Flare."

Narrator and Point of View

Third-person omniscient narrator. Close third-person point of view, meaning that the narration is mostly focused around Mark's thoughts and views of the world. The narrator often reveals Mark's thoughts to the reader.

Tone and Mood

Action-driven and fast-paced. The language is = straightforward. It is an adventure that moves quickly. Even reflections are often conveyed brusquely and intensely.

Protagonist and Antagonist

Mark (and his friends) are the protagonists; the government and its Population Control Committee are the main antagonists, along with infected cannibalistic Cranks that result from the Flare virus they release.

Major Conflict

Sun flares ravage the earth, and the government releases a deadly and infectious virus in its wake. Mark and his friends try to survive this hostile world, while trying to figure out why government officials are unleasing this virus on them.


When Mark and his friends find out that the virus is a highly contagious virus that turns people into insane animal-like beings. Another climax may be Alec's mercy killing of Lana and then Mark's subsequent rescue of Trina and Deedee. The final moment of the book is also like an ultimate climax, as Alec crashes the Berg into the Flat Trans to save Deedee, killing himself and his friends for the greater good.


Mark's head often hurts; this is foreshadowing of the way in which his Flare symptoms will later progress exponentially quickly.






See Imagery section.
Often the gory details of violence on the human bodies are also described vividly.





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