The Kill Order

The Kill Order Study Guide

The Kill Order is the prequel to the Maze Runner series. It was published on August 14, 2012, by Delacorte Press. Like the Maze Runner trilogy, The Kill Order is set in the future. It is, however, set 13 years before the Trials with Thomas began. It is a science fiction adventure story that takes place in the near future where the Sun Flares hit the Earth and destroyed it, and a highly contagious virus is accidentally exposed, decimating almost all the human race.

James Dasher, the author, did not want to include characters of the primary series in the book, mainly because he wanted to show the bigger picture of the world with the Flare. The main characters in the book are Mark, Alec, Lena, Trina, and Deedee.

The plot of The Kill Order is mainly about a small village, one of the few that survived the Flare. Trina and Mark live there, and they survived the disaster that happened in New York when the Sun Flares stroked it. Starting to get back to their normal life, Mark and Trina, along with the others in the village, live a primitive life, without internet or technology. Suddenly a Berg comes and starts shooting darts containing the Flare virus. Luckily, Alec and Mark were able to control the Berg, and they go through many obstacles with Trina and Lena to survive.

This book received many positive reviews and ratings, especially because of its cliffhangers in the end of almost every chapter. Publishers Weekly said: "Breathless, cinematic action..."; Romantic Times said: "Exclamation-worthy." Not only that, but the book and the series attracted many fans. The fans call themselves "The Dasher Army."