The Jade Peony Summary

The Jade Peony Summary

The whole family felt depressed by Grandmama’s death. In spite of the fact that she was 83-year-old, they couldn’t believe it. Not to mention that Sek-Lung’s older sibling were rather embarrassed by their father and step-mother’s actions, they were looking for a sign that her earthly life had ended well. Only Sen-Lung didn’t pay any attention to that. He was thinking of her, his best playmate and friend, the closest person in the family.

It was difficult to believe that they were parted. He remembered all those times when they went treasure hunting together. They used to peer into their neighbor’s garbage cans, hoping to find something nice, pieces of jewelry and other old décor to make a wind chime similar to the one she used to have many years ago. No one in the family looked kindly upon that hobby of theirs. What was more, Sek-Lung’s siblings were afraid that their classmates and neighbors would think that they were poor.

They wanted to adjust to a new life in Canada and ruined reputation was not going to help them at all. To trick them, the boy and the grandmother stopped talking about it to others, that was their special secret. The boy was his grandmother’s confidant. She told him about a young and good-looking actor she met many years ago in China. They fell in love, but their happiness was short-lasting. He had gone away and didn’t come back. Perhaps he became one of the numerous victims of famine. His image started coming back to her lately.

She knew that her death was coming. One day she went out without a jacket to scare off a cat and returned trembling, for that wasn’t just a usual stray cat. Its long lean body, white fur and pink eyes meant that it was him, her actor, who came to take her with him. She fell ill after that and – after some time – died. When Sek-lung’s father and step-mother looked for that special sign that everything was fine, he found one of his grandmother’s beads in his pocket. That was a sign he needed that she wasn’t going to leave him.

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