The Jade Peony Quotes


What would all the white people in Vancouver think of us?

Jung and Kiam

Jung and Kiam got used to life in Canada pretty quickly. They didn’t share their Grandmama’s sentiments and “were embarrassed” every time their parents behaved strangely, at least, according to them. Customs and traditions of their homeland were their past and the boys, understandably, were more focused on their present and future. They were really worried about what “all the white people in Vancouver” would think of them. It was a desire to fit in with their new friends. That embarrassment was the main reason why they were not able to understand their Grandmama fully.

You know, little Son, whatever happens I will never leave you.


It was not easy for Sek-Lung to put up with an idea of his Grandmama’s death. She was his “spiritual playmate,” they were “two dreamers,” they understood each other like no one else. The more the little boy thought about his Grandmama’s role in life, the more painful it was to accept an idea that she was not going to live forever. However, the woman found a way to cheer him up. She promised him not to “leave” him. She would continue to live in his thoughts and heat.

I can’t last forever.


People are mortal. It is impossible to avoid the inevitable no matter how much one would like to do that. Some of us are constantly haunted by fear of death, the mere idea of it makes their hearts ache and eyes fill up with tears. There are also people who have healthy attitude towards death. Sek-Lung’s Grandmama is one of them. She knows that she “can’t last forever” and accepts it. Her decease is filled with dignity and tranquility of a person who has enjoyed her life.

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