The Importance of Being Earnest 1952 Film Background

The Importance of Being Earnest 1952 Film Background

This 1952 adaption is largely considered to be the most faithful as well as rendition of Oscar Wilde's classic play. The film was nominated for a BAFTA for Most Promising newcomer. The movie is adapted by Anthony Asquith, a leading English film direction who also adapted the text into the screenplay for the film. Asquith received a Golden Lion nomination at the Venice Film Festival as commendation for his exemplary work.

The hilarious comedy by Wilde is a Victorian comedy that (much like Wilde's other work) critiques the rigid social hierarchy of Victorian society through an amusing tale about mistaken identity. In the spirit of Wilde's work, Asquith captures the same sense of wittiness through the flawless delivery of one liners that are so quintessentially Wilde.

In fact, actress Edit Evan's delivery of the line "A handbag?"as Lady Bracknell has become world renown, making the part of Lady Bracknell a challenge for any actress attempting to undertake the role.

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