The Hundred Dresses Themes

The Hundred Dresses Themes


Although they have teased her every single day, Wanda forgives Maddie and Peggy and demonstrates this by giving them each one of the beautiful dresses she has painted. This also shows Wanda to be the bigger person given that her school experience has not been fun because of them. She shows that by forgiving and reaching out unlikely friendships can be forged, but she also creates change in the way that Peggy and Maddie behave as they feel guilty for bullying her and her forgiveness makes them determined to be much nicer and not to tease in the future. The theme if forgiveness also carries through to the author who is writing the story of her real-life classmate as an apology, so that she can forgive herself for the way she behaved in teasing her for only owning one dress.


One of the themes of the book is bullying because even though Peggy and Maddie do not think of their teasing as bullying, and do not mean to make Wanda unhappy, it is bullying nonetheless. Maddie begins to recognize it as such but does not want to say anything in case the teasing transfers to her instead of Wanda; the theme of bullying also carries through to demonstrating that it is important to stand up to bullies and not fear them.

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