The Hundred Dresses

The Hundred Dresses Metaphors and Similes

It didn't seem like bright blue weather anymore (Metaphor)

When Maddie is recollecting the bright blue October day when the hundred dresses game began, she reflects on how the atmosphere went from being charged with positivity to feeling bleak. This change in her perception of the weather is a metaphor for the guilt Maddie feels at not intervening to stop the hundred dresses game and defend Wanda.

Sit there like a frog (Simile)

On the second day of Wanda's absence, big Bill Byron extends his long legs around her empty desk. Sitting in this position makes him look like a frog, a peculiar position that his classmates find hilarious.

She approached the group as a timid animal might (Simile)

When Wanda attempts to join the girls admiring Cecile's dress, she approaches the group with hesitation. The narrator compares her movements to a timid animal, curious but also guarded.

Spun like a red and golden autumn leaf (Simile)

At the Room 13 Christmas party, Cecile performs a ballet dance. Her costume and graceful movements made her look like an autumn leaf sent into a whirl by the wind.

As though he were making a touchdown (Simile)

Jack Beggles is known for always arriving in his seat just as the final bell rings. To emphasize the triumphant and anxious operation, Jack's action of sliding into his seat is compared to a football touchdown.