The Grass is Singing Background

The Grass is Singing Background

This is the first novel by Doris Lessing, published in Britain in 1950. Being a kind of chronicle of the life of the Rhodesian apartheid society, the novel was welcomed with enthusiasm.

"The Grass is Singing" is an inverted detective story, where at the outset are known, all participants of the crime, and it seems to be somewhere in the reader's mind that the causes of the tragedy may be guessed. The meaning of the tricks is to get the reader to puzzle over not What happened? but wonder: How and Why did it happen? The answer to each question is fraught with a new mystery, with ever increasing complexity.

"The Grass is Singing" is a novel about racial discrimination and its consequences. All the time it should be remembered that it goes about Africa and the English, not the slave of America: as subhuman race relations prevail here.

The novel's characters - the oppressors and the oppressed, either horrifying, or striving to get out of their roles. But whatever they do, they just get deeper into the suction of the abyss: African Moses kills his mistress Mary, her husband - the farmer Dick Turner goes crazy, young Tony Marston becomes a regular officer, in spite of all his attempts to avoid this fate.

And still. Racial discrimination is the theme of the novel, but still it is not only about it. Rather, Doris Lessing wrote about what is happening in a person's heart. How dependent is a person on his memories and dreams, on others' opinions and convictions, on household trifles and seasonal weather. His dependence is a fatal weakness, leading, eventually, to the fact that the meaning of life disappears. And instead of a sleep state in which, according to Doris Lessing, one mostly stays for life, he is in almost complete oblivion, the awakening of which is not similar to wakefulness, but again the dream - nightmare, from which you want to run again into oblivion.

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