The Good Terrorist Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Good Terrorist Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Number 43

Number 43 is a symbol of safety of home. Alice is losing everything in her life. Her mother has had to move from the family home and does not want to see Alice. Her father is tired of supporting her and refuses to help her live her rebellious lifestyle. She sees Number 43 as her haven. She does not want to leave it as she has her other squats. It has become a sanctuary to her from the harsh reality of life.


Demonstrations are a symbol of revolution. The group sees demonstrations as a way of letting their voices be heard against the system and a way to fight against the police. The demonstrations give the group a sense of excitement and purpose. It makes their vagrant life seem worth it.

The Council

The Council is a symbol of the system that the group is working against. They see the Council as detrimental to the nation and how a good thing has been turned rotten by authority. Alice uses the system to her advantage to make a home at Number 43, but abhors that she must do so. The group works within the system to remain under the radar as they work to bring the system down.


Money is a symbol of oppression. The group must have money, but do not want to work to obtain it. They are kept down by their lack of money. This is how the system keeps everyone in check. The group looks down on people with money those who strive to obtain it, yet they must have it to survive.


Police are a symbol of authority. The group rage against authority so do not have a good relationship with the police. They clash with them at demonstrations and with their style of leaving as squatters. The police see them as delinquents who do not contribute to the nation. The group sees themselves as revolutionaries who are attempting to better the nation.

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