The Good Terrorist Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    Why are the Group at Number 43 not seen as true Communists?

    The group is not taken seriously as Communists because they do not embrace the true concept of Communism. They do not know what it is like to suffer under oppression. They attend demonstrations and clash with police, but then they can go home and live normal lives. Those living in a Communist state do not have this luxury or any luxuries. Their actions are like children playing a game and not as true believers living for their cause.

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    Why does Alice stay with Jasper when he shows little regard for her?

    Alice needs someone to mother. She takes Jasper under her wing because she needs someone to care for and someone to love. Alice has always felt out of place in her family and Jasper is also an outcast. She feels a need to protect him. She loves him unconditionally as a parent loves a child. This makes her stay with him even though she knows he uses her for her talents to get money and make life more comfortable.

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    Why does Alice get angry when she sees her mother in her apartment? How do their lives differ?

    Alice is a bourgeois at heart. It is how she was raised, and she cannot dispel her upbringing. She is angry that her mother must live in a small apartment with luxury, while her father’s new family lives in a lavish house with all the creature comforts. She says that she is a Communist, yet she looks down on the working class and makes sure that Number 43 has all the comforts of a nice home. She does not see the hypocrisy in this.

    Her mother lives the bare necessity life of a Communist. She is not worried about the tiny space or the luxuries she has lost. She came from a working-class family so knows how that life is. Her daughter has never experienced it and is embarrassed that her mother must live this way. Alice takes an abandoned house and tries to make it into a middle-class dwelling. Her mother moves from luxury to a small apartment without the need for pretense of how far she has fallen. Mrs. Mellings understands more about the Communist life than Alice.

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