The Good-Morrow

The Good-Morrow Themes


The main theme of the poem is love. "The Good-Morrow" is both an ode to and an investigation of love—as a relation between two people and as a state of being. Both the speaker and his lover were childish and lived vainly, until love awakened them. And so they find that love remakes not just the lovers, but the world itself: they create a world of their own, and in doing so they “possess” the world fully for the first time; “each hath one [world], and is one.”

(Spiritual) Awakening

Though “The Good-Morrow” directly concerns worldly love, its heavily religious themes suggest that sensual love can help further our understanding of spiritual love, and vice-versa. Donne’s poem in many ways echoes descriptions of religious conversions, as the speaker and his lover “awake” from the thoughtless enjoyment of worldly “country pleasures” to a higher form of understanding.