The Giver

The Giver Glossary


A gentle warning against some activity


A small building attached to a larger one


Being anxious and worried about the future


The career that Elevens are given when they turn Twelve at the Ceremony of Twelve


To make easier or less painful

Capacity to See Beyond

In Jonas's case, he can see color, unlike other members of the community.

Ceremony of Loss

The community chants a person's name more and more quietly until it fades away, as a manner of mourning his death and allowing his memory to fade from everyone's consciousness.

Climate Control

The process by which society had gotten rid of sunshine, snow, and other weather in order to make growing crops easier


The effect of rising in volume


Random or sporadic


Laziness and sloth


Lively and confident

Murmur-of-Replacement Ceremony

The community crescendos in their chanting of a name so that the new person can spiritually replace his predecessor


The process of healing and treating conditions with physical movement


The term in Jonas's society for euthanasia by lethal injection


The process of standardization of people and their environment that Jonas's society underwent in order to make life safe and predictable


The feeling of wanting that comes with the first indications of human sexuality in adolescents in Jonas's society


A needle with a plunger used to inject fluids into the body

The Ceremony

An annual event in which members of Jonas's society gather to watch the children grow one year older and come closer to becoming an adult

The Receiver of Memory

The individual who holds memories of the entire world for the community