The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Quotes


“THE WORLD had teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted.”


The story begins with these words so the author wants to adjust the reader to the events which will take place there. Nothing foretold troubles at the beginning and there were no signs that something bad, even uncommon, might happen. But, as the author says, the world can do anything and anytime. So small detail as Trisha’s desire to leave her companions for a moment in the forest changes all course of events, all lives of the characters of the novel. Sometimes this “bite” of the world has bad consequences, but sometimes, vice versa, it brings good result, though first seems to be not so. Of course Trisha’s getting lost was a huge shock for her and her relatives, but it taught them in some way, it rallied them, made them stronger. So, the author shows that these worlds’ teeth are not always bad ones.

“There's always the other hand.”


These words match closely to Trisha’s essence. She seems to be brave and strong, but she has another side of her essence. It’s that her inner voice, which whispers her that she will not survive in the forest, that nobody is searching for her. The girl sees this other bad girl, who lives inside of her, in her hallucinations. She’s ugly, but she exists. Trisha has the good side, but she has the bad side as well. And these sides are always struggling. And it depends on a person what side will win this war. In the story the good one has done it. Each person has these two sides and each person should make everything, as well as Trisha did, in order a good side wins.

“There is a point at which people who are cast upon their own resources stop living and begin merely surviving.”


This theme overlaps with the previous one. This “point”, which the author talks about, takes place when Trisha gets lost. Before that she lived her normal life, and there was nothing uncommon, it was measured, her mind was relaxed. But when the girl realizes that she got lost her mind first “guards”, and then directs all its efforts to survive. The reader can notice that Trisha changes the “area” of her thoughts, she starts thinking about her surviving, and but for her hallucinations, she seemed to be like an adult person in her thoughts. These words concern not only Trisha’s case. In general, when a person gets into an extreme situation, there’s always some point, when she or he realizes it, and after that her mind changes. He casts away everything needless and puts all his strength on the solving of this situation.

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